The population of people 65+ is about to be bigger than it’s ever been. And, 80% of this population relies on cars to get around. But as people age and begin to lose their ability to drive themselves, we wondered how would they continue to get around? We know that mobility is tremendously important for seniors, and that a lack of accessible transportation can lead to isolation, and that isolation can increase the risk of mortality. To stay healthy, the elderly population needs to get out to socialize, to go to doctor’s appointments, and to do daily chores and activities.

We also know that 50% of this population doesn’t own a smartphone. That meant access to ridesharing apps wasn’t an easy option. But then we noticed something interesting, people were sending rides to other people in other cities, states, and even countries.



We built a new product called Remote Rides that allows people to send rides to loved ones and family members in other cities. And, if the person you send a ride to doesn’t have a smartphone, the information comes in a text and shows riders the name of their driver and the license plate number. The person who sends the ride can watch the trip and get notified when it's complete.



For the first time ever, it’s been simple for the elderly population to maintain their independence and get out of their homes without having to burden their friends and loved ones by asking them to physically drive them around town. Now it’s easy for you to send rides from wherever you are to exactly where they need to be.