The millions of men and women who drive trucks across the U.S. spend an average of 200 nights a year away from home. Being out on the road that much they miss a lot of things—but most of all—they miss their families. As we began building the Uber Freight app we sent our Product and Design team out on the road for ride alongs with truckers to learn about their lives and get insights into what was and wasn’t working in the modern freight industry. On Christmas Eve 2016, one of our Senior Product Designers was there when a driver named Frank missed Christmas with his son because of inefficiency in the freight system. We asked him how we could help him and he said, "If you can do one thing for me, get me home more." No matter where we were in the country, north or south, east or west, we heard that same thing. People wanted the ability to come home, when they wanted, with a load.




We built a new product we called Take Me Home that would allow truckers to automatically get matched with a load that would take them back to their home base. This meant that for the first time ever they’d have more control over where they went, when they went there, and how they’d make money with a full load along the way. To tell the story we travelled to Atlanta to show Frank the tool we’d built him. Nine months after he missed Christmas, we made sure he didn’t miss his birthday.




We launched the campaign at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas. The show is an annual gathering of tens of thousands of truck drivers and their families. We debuted Frank’s story to a crowd of hundreds of drivers and their spouses and kids. People laughed and cried. But most of all they were just thankful that this product would allow them to spend more time with their moms and dads, husbands and wives